The Last Days of Las Vegas
A brief synopsis

In 500 pages The Last Days of Las Vegas has over two dozen vivid people engaged in dramatic events across four continents ?

IN MAASTRICHT & LISBON: The story unfolds in Autumn of 2004 when a powerful Iraqi general, self-exiled to Europe, puts into motion the perfect scheme to get America's power brokers to make him the military dictator of Iraq.
His international conspiracy is fueled with 19 billion dollars from Saddam's looted fortune, and the tentacles of his plot reach from Europe to war-torn Baghdad to the glittery streets of Las Vegas ? and much of the world in between.
IN THE ARCTIC CIRCLE A former Soviet intelligence operative recruits a nuclear technician.
IN SANTA BARBARA: A discarded, over-the-hill espionage czar schemes to reënter the great game, making an end run around America's traditional intell community. He recruits another elderly operative—a regime-change specialist who hobbles around in a walker—to assist in his plans.
IN A BREAKAWAY ROGUE NATION: An arms merchant sells RPGs, surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank charges, and thousands of AK-47s to a shadowy Russian facilitator for shipment to Iraq ? and Las Vegas.
INSIDE THE BELTWAY: Senators, members of the House, lobbyists, and intelligence operatives cut deals to return the exiled Iraqi general to Baghdad as his nation's new strongman.
IN KUWAIT: A suicide pilot skims his explosives-laden plane low over the desert toward a 5-star luxury hotel.
IN SOUTH AMERICA: A rocket propelled grenade launcher is focussed on a polo match.
IN BEVERLY HILLS: The former espionage czar recruits a gay hair-salon owner.
IN LONDON: A billionaire Russian on the run from Moscow deludes himself that he is untouchable in his heavily-armored Bentley.
IN FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA: In their quest for cutting-edge espionage devices, a gang of hired thugs demolishes a high-tech electronics firm, collapsing its walls and bringing down its roof.
IN UKRAINE: Two thick lead containers of lethal, highly-enriched nuclear materials are loaded onto an international flight, destined for Nevada.
AND IN LAS VEGAS: A burned-out intelligence operative is propelled into action after he survives a bungled assassination attempt. His name is Charles Remly—or perhaps it is not —and he reluctantly shoulders the responsibility to keep Las Vegas from becoming a radioactive ghost town.

© Roy Hayes